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         I sincerely show my thanks to all the friends of different fields . It is indeed your concern and spur that let us break open a way through brambles and thistles in the road of development and move forward.

         The age information and the development of intelligent technology have brought us unlimited markets and opportunities, while also formed competition and brought more personalized needs. In the face of opportunities and challenges, we have to hold our heart of innovation and sharing and of the decision of win-win cooperation to make our suppliers be free from worry, our customers set their hearts, our cooperative institutions be comfortable, our staffs be at ease, our shareholders be happy and our society be satisfied.

          In the future, KanHoo would be the leader of our industry with this Heart.

    Chairman: Wanguojiang

    • ◆ Member of the Executive Committee of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce
    • ◆ Expert Board Committee Member of the China Cotton Textile Association
    • ◆ Member of the Guangdong Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference
    • ◆ Vice President of Guangdong Federation of Industry & Commerce (General Chamber of Commerce)
    • ◆ Delegate of Guangdong Congress of the Communist Party of China
    • ◆ Chairman (President) of Jiangmen Federation of Industry & Commerce (General Chamber of Commerce)
    • ◆ Member of the board of trustees of Wuyi University

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    Fax : 0750-3863818

    Mailbox : hr@keheng.com.cn

    Zip code : 529040

    Website : www.techknowassociates.com

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