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    Independent research & development platform

    From the date of establishment, KanHoo always adheres to the concept of leading high-quality development with scientific and technological innovation, attaches the cultivation of scientific and technological talents and input for scientific research. At present, we have formed a research & development and technical team of more than 100 people, which involves many fields such as cathode materials for lithium-ion battery (LIB), intelligent equipment for lithium battery, environmental protection, modern agriculture, etc.. Independent teams are responsible for each area, and professional laboratories are set up and equipped with exclusive facilities and equipment.

    Science and technology cooperation and exchange platform

    1. The Director Jia Yinsong of Rare Earch Office of the State Council of China visited KanHoo.

    2. The Deputy Director of Guangdong Science and Technology Department Zheng Haitao visited KanHoo.

    3. Fudan-KanHoo Luminescent Materials Research Center was founded in Shanghai Fudan University.

    4. The Professor Yu Aishui of Fudan University and LIB Materials Business Department established LIB Materials Research Project Group together.

    5. The new project “A Full Spectrum LED Phosphor Powder and its Application” from LED Materials Business Department was honored with the Top-ten Alighting Technologies Award 2016.

    6. The launching ceremony of Guangdong Post Doctoral Base of innovation & Practice,co-organized by South China Normal University & KanHoo together.

    Cheminno opening platform

    In order to accelerate technological innovation and build an open innovation platform, KanHoo founded the branch company Guangdong Cheminno Technology Co,. Ltd. in 2012, which brings in external innovative and provides innovative projects and start-ups for makerspaes and business incubation platform. Relying on the solid scientific technological strength, equipment, market resources and capital strength of parent company, the open innovation platform and innovation and entrepreneurship team develop new business units jointly, to build a new industrial platform and share the result. Also, KanHoo unite Guangdong Yueke Risk Investment Group, Guangzhou Securities, provincial and municipal science and technology departments jointly established Guangdong Yueke Hongrun and Guangzheng KanHoo Investment Funds. The total amount of parent fund is up to 5 billion yuan, providing financing services for accelerating the development of start-up enterprises.

    High-level talent development platform

    KanHoo has been identified as a post-doctoral innovation practice base in Guangdong Province and a doctoral workstation in Guangdong Province. It provides services and support for doctoral and post-doctoral talents in scientific research, project declaration, preparation support, and friendship exchange. After the progress of the people, they received a lot of support from the government and enterprises.

    ◆ Pit requirements: get a doctorate, generally no more than 40 years old

    ◆Inbound mode: 

    1. Independent recruitment of enterprises

    2. Cooperative colleges (South China Normal University) enrolled

    ◆Putin time: Generally within 2-4, you can stay in the company after leaving the station.

    ◆ Treatment: 

    1. The municipal (district) financial subsidy will cost 200,000 yuan per person per year for a total of 2 years.

    2. The PhD in the station can be directly identified as a second-level high-level talent in the city and enjoy special treatment, including but not limited to:

    (1) Free admission to a talented apartment or a subsidy of 4,500 yuan per month.

    (2) Priority for settlement.

    (3) Arrange for children to enter school (prestigious schools).

    (4) Assisting spouse in employment.

    (5) Health care services.

    (6) Talent station leisure activities.

    3. The enterprise pays the salary according to the doctor's treatment and pays five insurances and one gold.

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